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Decentralized web hosting on
The Manifest Network

Why decentralized web hosting?

1 / Technical Resilience

Increase the technical resilience of your website, the outage of one component will not bring your website down.

2 / Security & Privacy

Enhance security and privacy. Website information is not accessible by third parties who would otherwise be involved with hosting a centralized website.

3 / Censorship Resistance

Protect your business against de-platforming and censorship, Your website cannot easily be intentionally blocked or decommissioned by a central authority.

4 / Search Engine Performance

Unlike other Web3 web hosting services, your company will still appear on top search engines like Google. With Lifted, you have the ability to still publish your website in a Web2 manner.

5 / Entry Point to Web3

Provide your company an entry point to Web3 with associated marketing benefits.

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