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The Liftoff Program

The Lifted Initiative is assisting top prospect projects and teams to build and launch into the world of Web3 on The Manifest Network. We welcome all backgrounds and previous Web3 experience is not required!


If you have a Web3-related idea, feature, or venture that you are looking to build or are in the process of building you may be a perfect fit! 

How does it work?

1 / Welcome Builders

We keep an eye on projects with the potential to build with Lifted technology, paying attention to the team quality, product usefulness, market potential, and ecosystem impact.

2 / A Helping Hand

We select the best teams and help them refine their product specifications and value proposition, enhance their marketing efforts, connect them to clients, and introduce them to value-add stakeholders in the Web3 space.

3 / Getting You to Launch

After acceptance, Phase 1 begins where our teams will connect for a kickoff meeting to define product needs and timeline. When Liftoff teams are ready to build, Phase 2 begins with product implementation and guidance.  

4 / Totally Free

No equity is taken. The program is free of charge. For being an early builder, we will reward Liftoff teams with tokens to utilize on our network. We might even decide to invest directly!

What do you get?

1 / Technical Guidance

 Architecture overview, technical support, Lifted documentation navigation, and expert advice.

2 / Product Refinement

We’ll help you refine your product and improve its UX/UI.

3 / Go-to-Market Strategy

Receive strategic advice on how to win the first 1000 users.

4 / Marketing Support

We’ll help to get your product in front of the right audiences and ensure an effective distribution.

5 / Project Promotion

We’ll showcase and publicize your project across our channels and audiences.

6 / Introductions

We’ll help you connect with targeted industry stakeholders.

Early Access  Boost Your Project  Totally Free

Join the Liftoff Program

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